Researchers are invited to call or visit the Archives during regular open hours:  Monday--Friday   9:30--11:45 a.m.; 12:45--4:30 p.m., except holidays and times of congregational meetings.  Visiting researchers are requested to make appointments in advance. To request an appointment or other information, please use the form on the archive page.


  1. Founding and History (Province)
  2. World Congregation
  3. Provincial Chapter Proceedings
  4. Mission Superiors
  5. Provincial Superiors/Ministers
  6. Provincial Council Proceedings
  7. Province Treasurer/Finance Officer
  8. Local Communities/Institutions
  9. Personnel Records (Individual Sisters)
  10. Academic Papers
  11. Committees/Commissions
  12. Photograph Collection
  13. Blueprints/Architectural Records
  14. Tape Collection
  15. Collections of Individuals
  16. Published Works Collection
  17. Artifacts


1.      Published materials are available to anyone for research or reading.

2.      Unpublished material may be made available to a researcher for legitimate use with permission of the archivist.

3.      Unprocessed materials are available for use only at the discretion of the archivist.

4.      The use of certain documents may be restricted by statute, office of origin, or by request of the donor; the researcher may quote from these documents only with permission of the archivist and with due reference to the source, that is the Archives of the Sisters of St. Francis of Holy Name Province, Inc., Stella Niagara, N.Y. 14144, and the reference number.

5.      Administrative records shall remain closed for a 15 year period; they can be used for reference with permission of the administrative officers and the archivist.

6.      Personal records shall remain closed for a 25 year period; controlled use may be made of these records with permission of the provincial council and the archivist.

7.      Because of the right of privacy, access to all records created as part of a confidential relationship is restricted after the year 1910.  Personnel and case records created after 1910 will be made available for statistical research only if the researcher reads and signs the Statistical Research Agreement.

8.      As a general rule, in the case of personal papers, no letter or document written by a person still living may be quoted, paraphrased, or used in any way without the consent of the author.

9.      Individuals who have withdrawn may have access to their files with permission of the provincial minister and the archivist.  

10. No book, manuscript or other item may be removed from the archives.

11.  Archival material is only available for research use when the archivist is present.

12.  If permission is given for reproduction of materials, the process is done by the archivist at the established current cost per sheet or page. Permission to reproduce material does not constitute permission to publish.

13.  If permission is given for reproduction of photographic material, the copy work is done either in house or by a photographer selected by the archivist.  All arrangements with the photographer are made by the archivist. Prepayment for photographic copy work is required. If a copy negative must be made, the first person to order a copy pays for the cost of the negative and the print.  The archives retains the negative for future use.

14.  Reproductions may not be further reproduced, examined, or transferred elsewhere without prior written permission.

15.  If permission is given for the use of material for publication, two copies of the publication should be sent to the archives.  A thesis or dissertation is considered a publication.

16. All responsibility for infringement of copyright is assumed by the researcher.

17.  A $15/hr charge after the first hour is assessed for research services provided for non-members of the congregation.